• Taryn Burns

Pitfalls of sale shopping: Buying repeat items

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I love a good sale! I find it to be the biggest compliment when it’s for an item that I got on sale. It’s a double win. I have the kind of style that’s pretty consistent – effortless chic (or that’s what I tell myself). But I find that this consistency means I end up with four shirts that look just alike, maybe in silver, pewter and gray. Oops. And then if I’m in the store and see a similar shirt in, let’s say – black, then I feel like I have to get it because it’s on sale! Only to return home to feel like these items are all just alike.

I pack up my clothes from past season so I easily forget what I have stored away. It may seem simple to know what you have at home, but honestly when you’re attracted to the same styles, it all blends in together. And if I’m shopping for a season in advance, I’ve forgotten now what I used to wear. After too many trips to Zara, I always end up returning a blouse or other item I already have something like, I’ve figured there must be a better way.

Before I get too excited about that deal now, I check my INVY app to remind myself what I have in my winter closet.

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