Organize. Share. Sell

Directly from your personal inventory.

Think of INVY as a central dashboard to see and manage everything you love and value!

View, share and manage all of your personal belongings by digitizing your home and wardrobe. 


From purchase to resale, buying and managing it all has never been easier.

Home Inventory App
Personalized Home Inventory App



Peace of mind

It's like having Marie Kondo in your pocket. Stay organized and in control of your stuff.

Central Hub

Mobile for the Modern

Effortlessly manage everything you own from the convenience of your phone.


Stay connected

Super excited about a new purchase? Easily share and chat about it with friends.

Sustainable Style

Green feels so good

Closing the loop on consumer goods from purchase to resale.

Style a better future

Let's change how we view and manage our stuff to make it more accessible and sustainable. 


By digitally managing our belongings, we can reduce waste, and close the loop on consumer goods for a more circular and environmentally friendly economy. 

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Invy the blog

It's time to let your unique style, fashion to home decor, take center stage.

As a millennial consumer, our founder, Shana, knows first hand the frustrations of being unable to find her treasured vintage D&G blazer, and feeling so disorganized in a cluttered home full of treasured pieces, that the levels of stress just boil over.

Creating a digital inventory that goes beyond the confines of her closet to cover her entire sense of style, has been stressful, but the stress free pay-off has been worth it.

Shana's finally able to manage it all, with ease from her INVY app. And in this blog we share a fresh perspective on lifestyle hacks to help you get control of you sh*# too. We discuss high fashions and decor of the season, and of course vintage pieces that are right for pairing with the fresh steals, or closet throwbacks.